Ryung Kal
born in 1960


Ryung Kal’s painting that is definitely illusory brings out a certain type of energy. The screen is possessed by mysterious forces. Sharp and straight lines and thick, soft and organic curved lines contrasting against each other fill up the screen and create a tension. An invigorating screen where various colors collide and brush strokes vibrate remind the audience of a natural scenery or insinuate them with breathing, wind, energy, warmth and bright light. In other words, despite the fact that it is an abstract formed within the flat surface given, the abstract is activated into a visible being via certain association and imagination instead of being reverted into material of the practical realm. Nonetheless, the subtle differences between colors, fusion and movements work together to maintain an attractive color abstract art.

Summing up, the painter seems as if she is firmly rooted in the modernistic painting, but, at the same time, she goes beyond that to merge seemingly different elements and realize her own unique abstract painting that is based on a unifying embracement built on feminine sentiment.