Young-Dae Park
born in 1942


1942  born in Cheongju, Republic of Korea (KR)
lives and works in Cheongju, KR

EDUCATION: B.F.A in Oriental Painting, Hongik University, Seoul, KR
PRESENT: A Professor of Baekseok University, Cheonan, KR

2021  Schema Art Museum (Cheongju, KR)
2018  Gana Insa Art Center (Seoul, KR)
2017  Gana Insa Art Center (Seoul, KR)
2017  Shimon Gallery (Tokyo, JP)
2016  Gana Art Center (Seoul, KR)
2016  Cheongju Arts Center (Cheongju, KR)
2015  Gana Art Center (Seoul, KR)
2015  Cheongju Arts Center (Cheongju, KR)
2013  Daecheong ho Art Museum (Cheongju, KR)
2010  Shimon Gallery (Tokyo, JP)
2005  Gyeonggi-do Museum(Yongin, KR)
2003  Insa Art Center (Seoul, KR)
1999  Iljin Gallery (Tokyo, JP)
1996  Logos Gallery (Los Angels, US)
1993  US Hankook Daily Nespaper (Los Angels, US)
1981  Korea Gallery (New York, US)

2018  Vienna Contemporary, Marx Halle (Vienna, AT)
2017  Contemporary Artists Exhibition, The Nation Art Center (Tokyo, JP)
2016  Saitama Art Museum (Saitama, JP)
2016  Korea-Japan Contemporary Arts Exhibition (Tokyo, JP/Seoul, KR)
2012  Exclusive Exhibition for Salon De Blanc Award-winning Artists, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo, JP)
2011  Awarded the Grand Prize of Salon De Blanc Award, Omori-vill Atrium (Tokyo, JP)
2010  Shanghai Expo Exhibition (Shanghai, CN)
2010  ICA International Contemporary Arts Exhibition (Cheonju, Seoul, KR)
2010  Korea-Japan Contemporary Arts Exhibition (Tokyo, JP/ Seoul, KR)
2009  Grand-Palais Exhibition (Paris, FR)
2009  The 17th Anniversary Celebration Exhibition of Korea-China Diplomatic Relations (Beijing, CN)
2008  Grand-Palais Exhibition (Paris, FR)
1999  Art Education (Venice, IT)
1992  Special Exhibition for Tokyo-TEN Grand Prix Award-winning Artists, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo, JP)

exhibited extensively worldwide (more than 500 exhibitions)

The British Museum, London, GB / KBS, Cheongju, KR / Gyeonggi-do Art Museum, Ansan, KR / Korea Bank, Seoul, KR / Sin Art Museum, Cheongju, KR / Nampo Art Museum, Goheung, KR / The Air force Academy, Goyang, KR / Baeksuk University, Cheunan, KR / Cheonju University, Cheongju, KR / Daecheong ho Art Museum, Cheongju, KR / Logos Gallery, London, GB / Carol Gallery, New York, US / Seongnam Art Center, Seongman, KR, etc

Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, New York, Shanghai, Busan, Cheongju, Seoul, Daegu, etc