Sang-Hm Choi
born in 1964


Sang-Hm Choi's works are the result of the accumulation of paints. His works reveal the 'life' of the works through repeated actions, just like us who live a life that is repeated every day. It can be said that it is similar to the appearance of our daily life. His 'life of works' appears as a layer of paints stacked one after another on the canvas. The subtle colors that we feel on the outside of his works are the colors that come from the layers of paint, and they can be said to be artificially drawn or created naturally.

"Choose when to stop in the process of pouring paint dozens of times. The moment is determined by looking at the density of overlap at that time, not logically. The reason for repeating the action is simple. Life is a repeated continuation of each day, and its continuity can be signified as a regular order. Discipline and rules are the works of conceptualizing a chaotic existence and bring meaningless things to life. For this reason, we establish this process in art.""