Myungil Lee
born in 1960


Myungil Lee is an artist who expresses the essence of painting.
He tried to find out an answer to a question about human spirit and existence. We exist by living and sharing our own lives in organic relations with other existences. He makes efforts to weave such stories of organic human life in his works, hoping that they would reflect human existence, how they are maintained, how our basic instincts are expressed, how these essential elements coexist in harmony and communicate one another.
He uses human emotion and desire by pink acrylic color or various colors, sometimes he works with objects to express organic compositions of empty spaces and forms that he perceive, as reflections of intricate relations of all the elements in the world. In these works of art, he tried not to use figurative forms, so that they can be perceived as something abstract that can trigger viewers’ curiosity and visual imagination.

He always tries to find something new, and tries to find variety in his works. You can feel the his attitude toward the works in the journey to find it.

He says "There is no compromise in art. There is only artist statement."

What is human existence? What is the form of emotions? How can we represent desire? What are the differences between what is seen and what is felt?

The permanence of human existence cannot be separated from impermanence. So is the relation between existence and non-existence. The story of my life inspires my work as I strive to find values of human existence expressed through human desires found daily in routines and emotions. I find inspiration of my works in Buddhist’s Samsara, i.e. the eternal cycle of birth and death: all human beings are born, live and die; and exist living in symbiosis with others.

Human existence are not immutable but they continuously seek progress, betterment and empowerment. In order for human beings to exist, physical instincts and behaviors cannot be separated. Therefore, my works are the result of certain choices and actions of mine, as I seek to stay spiritually alert to see my inspiration reflected in my works.

I make efforts to weave stories of symbiotic lives in my works, hoping that they would reflect human existence, how those existences endure, how basic instincts are expressed, how such essential elements coexis in harmony interact with each other.

I try not to use figurative forms, so that abstractions can fuel viewers' curiosity and imagination. Sometimes I work with objects like stainless steel to express the symbiotic relationship of empty spaces and shapes reflecting the intricate connection of all elements in the world.

As for colors and forms, which are essentially conventional symbols, I try to avoid clichés and prejudices, while constantly trying to destroy my inner walls so as to overcome the boundaries of traditional art and the limits to perception.

Lives, emotions and values are different yesterday, today and tomorrow; this is the very reason of my existence and my work and the purpose of my life. I work and live to find a path to understand the identities of human beings, including myself.