Kyeongsig Yang
born in 1966


First of all, I select television screen images which are quickly transferred as more than 30 images per a second. Then, I make variations and add distortions on them. I want to reveal a simulacre world. It could exist in real, but be a totally duplicated virtual space. The media system of television remakes perfect images and shapes, using a set of pixel units. If this is true, images and existing state which we believe are merely a imaginary space and illusion of our retina.

My recent works tell a story about simulacre. It reflects endless diffusion through mass media replication and a real world. People in my work are sad. They are crying. They smile, and at the same time they cry. It is autonomic situation. Sadness I feel always, my desire, unconsciousness and so on. All of these emotions substitute with people in television images. Then, they are recreated with a tip of brush. What kind of images can produce through repetitive joy, sadness, and anger? It could disappear meaninglessly in the recurring variations.

Media is speed. It is based on easiness of communication and quickness. Ironically, the quicker speed is, the smaller traveling distance get. It naturally becomes a simple society. Everything happens at the same time. Difference disappears and the whole thing turns into mere pretence and present time. We often says, we don't need a moving distance to travel. It means that this expression has a probability. Is mass-media possible to reflect reality as it is? Or, does it construct truly reality? It may add semiotic manipulation after twisting phenomenon. Most phenomenon, which we believe as truth, might exist in a numerous play of simulacre. Space in reality has already gone.