Eungki Kim
born in 1952


1960  born in Bonghwa, Republic of Korea (KR)
lives and works in Busan, KR

EDUCATION: B.F.A. in painting dept. of Fine Art Hongik University, Seoul (KR)
M.F.A. in painting graduated school of Hongik University, Seoul (KR)

2016  Gallery Mac, Busan (KR)
2015  Gallery Mac, Busan (KR)
2009  Gallery Art Soop, Busan (KR)
2008  Gallery Mac, Busan (KR)
2002  Open Gallery, Seoul (KR)
1996  Jeon Kyungsook Gallery, Busan (KR)
1990  Gallery Nubo, Busan (KR)
1986  Sein Gallery, Busan (KR)
1984  Sain Gallery, Busan (KR)
1984  Sain Gallery, Busan (KR)
1980  Hall of Young Artists, Seoul (KR)
1979  Gongan Gallery, Busan (KR)

Korea- Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition, Qu Gallery (Dongkyung, Japan)
Seoul Art Fair, Hoam gallery (Seoul, KR)
Busan Art Festival, Metropolitan Art Museum (Busan, KR)
Expression of Emotion and Identity, Metropolitan Art Museum (Busan, KR)
A Satitical painting, sound of interpretation and Criticism, Hyun Dai Museum (Seoul, KR)
Freedom and opening – A view of Fine Art in 90’s, Kyungin Museum (Seoul, KR)
Korea International Art Fair, EXCO (Busan, KR)
Busan modern Artists Exhibition, Metropolitan Art Museum (Busan, KR)
Busan Lotte Art Fair, Lotte Hotel, (Busan, KR)
Dcumenta - Busan II (Metropolitan Art Museum, Busan)

Other Exhibition and domestic Exhibition (Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Incheon, Paris, Tokyo etc) Roughly 250 times