Eun-Ju Jeong
born in 1966


Eun-Ju Jeong's painting is a bold and strong continuous series of abstracted colors, consisting of multiple layers of brush strokes. Strong but soft delicate touches are imprinted on the trace fluttering chaotically in an order. The colors mix, spread out and smudge in so the border line becomes ambiguous.

She describes the straining of the brush strokes as, "Lines." She named the phenomena of the stunning layers of colors "Breath" as it is essential for survival. the smudging and smoothness of the colors are harmonies of "Breath" and "Lines." Horizontal strokes from one end to the other, the crossing lines connote the disappearance (absence) and occurrence (presence). The smudges and smooth colors are continuously showing her gesture and vegetation with the time flow of existence.


An urge to breathe within a canvas.

As I let go of the spray, and through a touch of a brush, finally I am able to breathe.

The canvas consists of lines and colors.

And these components all unite and become a one colored surface.